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Evolving Vision to Success

Supporting passionate entrepreneurs throughout their journey
-  from early vision to success.

Corporate Evolution 

 from Entrepreneurs for Entrepreneurs

Starting and evolving a new venture from the initial vision, through the start-up phase to becoming a profitable, sustainable organization requires passionate entrepreneurship, perseverance and ideally instant access – to entrepreneurial partnership and support in combination with established trust, technology and market networks and, of course, finance. 
evo-partners is a single family office rooted in a global network of experienced, successful serial entrepreneurs and an array of established and exponentially growing portfolio companies in the life-sciences. We provide instant access to tried and tested
entrepreneurial experience, skilled specialists, leading academic institutions and finance to our portfolio companies.
The heart and start of all our projects lies in identifying or building the combination of a transformational solution to a well defined medical problem with a visionary and passionate team – above all and always focused on the benefit of the patients.
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 Purpose, Long Term Thinking and Global Access 

Purpose, Vision &


Fundamental purpose in combination with a solid vision triggers deep entrepreneurial passion. This in turn transfers to perseverance and a spirited corporate culture in new ventures.
This energy is in our experience the fundamental fuel, which combined with ability and access are the key prerequisites for any evolving venture. It is crucial to overcome
the multitude of challenges, crises and hurdles on the journey from vision to success.

Long Term Strategy & Roadmaps

Good, long-term strategic planning
is the backbone and underlying foundation for any purpose driven corporate evolution process. This is especially important in the life-sciences, where a visionary technological solution must
always come together with clinical proof and the management of regulatory frameworks.
Well defined development objectives and phases, key waypoints and strategic foresight enable any technology driven venture to measure success and generate optionality along the way. It therefore also sets a clear framework for its financing strategy. 
And equally importantly: Planning
for exponential growth requires
early access to real world market intelligence, experience, supplemental technologies and fitting, savvy investors. This accessibility will enable the development of 
indispensable intelligent long-term strategic roadmaps.

Global Networks & Market Access

Rooted in the histories of our founding partner and the trust relationships and track-record built throughout numerous activities and projects over the past two decades, evo-partners has itself become a node with both centrality and connectivity in its eco-systems global network of people, companies, partners, academia,
and institutions. 
We attempt to maximize communication, exchange of ideas and mutual support, synergy and collaboration between our portfolio companies and new ventures, wherever feasible and reasonable.
Access to global markets, real world implementation experience in a variety of key global regions (such as China and India in combination with the EU and North America)  and the resulting access to up-to-date market intelligence has furthermore become a core contribution to the strategic business development activities and exponential growth trajectories of our network of portfolio companies.
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The P3F Framework 


  • Vision: Seeing the solution to a massive medical/human problem

  • Passion: Finding fundamental purpose in solving the problem

  • Will: The strength to stay focused and on target no matter what 

  • Ability: Learning, learning, learning as the team moves forward

  • Perseverance: Relentlessly overcoming obstacles and setbacks


  • Problem + Solution: Clearly defined problem and solution frameworks

  • Creativity: Innovative and inspired solutions

  • Technology: Professional understanding of technologies and regulatory frameworks

  • Optionality: Alternative development pathways and technological plan Bs

  • Competitivity: Strategic positioning and headstart

  • Platform Potential: Applicability as platform solutions


  • Major Milestones: From the feasibility to proof-of concept to approved product

  • Phased Roadmap: Definition of distinct phases for de-risking and go-to-market

  • Momentum: Inherent increase of momentum towards milestones and value inflections

  • Frequency: Enabling frequent reviews of decision-making milestones enabling necessary course corrections


  • Feedback loops: To assure optimized convergence of technical, financial and market intelligence


  • Phased Financing: In conjunction with the defined road map and milestones

  • Phased Financing Roadmap: Plan and organize for financing ongoing phase plus subsequent phase subsequent injections subject to clear and transparent objectives on the phased roadmap

  • No Artificial Timelines: Which are detrimental to responsible clinical and regulatory development

  • Value Inflection Strategy: Planning, tracking and implementation of value inflections in accordance with phased roadmap

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